“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

- Helmut Schmidt

These changes impact all organisations by creating new threats to their business model but can also creating new opportunities. If companies do not react to them and instead attempt to keep their status quo, they will most likely fall behind their competitors and eventually disappear.

But even in these changing times it is important to focus on a long-term plan that will help prioritising internal initiatives and provide a clear direction the whole organisation can follow.

We believe that a strategic plan will help businesses to define their long-term direction and then develop initiatives to move the business forwards taking advantage of new opportunities while minimising the impact of new threats.

RSP International can help you with reviewing or creating your whole strategic plan – or focusing just on your processes.

Strategic Planning

With the economy and business landscape facing some serious challenges, having a strategic plan will help companies to future proof their business.

We can help you with your long term plan by offering the following:

  • Assess where you are right now and what your challenges will be
  • Propose where you should be in the next 1-5 years and what your targets should be
  • Develop a strategic plan how to get there

As part of our work we will review the most urgent challenge you should deal with right now – and the ones that will help you in the long term by offering a road map that should be constantly evolve.

This service is suitable for a business that believes that the current landscape requires a plan to navigate through these challenges instead of relying on short term solutions.

Market Entrance Support for Vietnam

Over the last few years Vietnam has become a very attractive market for foreign companies. With a continuous growth over the last decade, a very young population and several Free Trade agreements Vietnam certainly offers a lot of new opportunities.

We can help you with our market-entry service, including:

  • Assess the initial requirements
  • Handle market research for selected sector
  • Search for offices and other premises
  • Our law-firm partners handle the legal work

This service is suitable for a business that is looking to enter the Vietnamese market with an ongoing & reliable support from within Vietnam for an affordable price.

Market Research

Having the correct information and insights is critical when facing important business decisions. Without insights or using assumptions companies could make incorrect decisions with sever long-term implication.

We can help you with insights about the latest market development in Vietnam, sectors, or companies. Our team will use different techniques to provide requested bespoke research. In addition, we also provide regular insights from Vietnam and publish research reports.

This service is suitable for a business that requires specific information about Vietnam for assessing opportunities or entering the market.

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