"If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

- W. Edwards Deming

Unfortunately, many businesses do not consider processes as an important priority due time & resource constraint. This applies to Start-ups as well as established SMEs. However, by ignoring processes, companies can face severe issues like inconsistent deliveries, losing knowledge and increased costs.

We believe that nowadays BPM plays an important role for businesses. Defining, documenting, and improving processes can help standardising business activities, therefore increasing efficiency, improving Employee Experience, and delivering great Customer Experience.

RSP International can help you with the 3 different stages of BPM. By assessing your current set-up & requirements we will find the right solution for your business thanks to our experiences of managing processes in the Banking and IT sector.

Process Definition

Defining processes is the starting point for BPM - and an activity some businesses, especially start-ups, do not focus on. But without clearly defining processes it is difficult to deliver consistent internal and external deliveries and tasks are based on assumptions. And this will impact your customers and employees.

We can help you by reviewing your requirements and set up definition workshops with your teams, acting as facilitator to define your end-to-end processes for all departments. As alternative, we can provide training to share best practice, enabling your teams to run the definition workshops directly. For either option, you can benefit from our experience.

This service is suitable for newly established businesses or Start-ups that have resource constraints to handle this work or have not the relevant skill set available. It is also suitable for established companies who might face issues like losing customer, losing knowledge, failing an audit or unable to follow regulations.

Process Documentation

Understanding and defining processes is only an initial step. Process Documentation ensure that everyone can follow the correct process. Without this, the knowledge of processes depends on individuals and in the worst case, an organisation might lose the knowledge when staff leaves.

We can help with process documentations by gathering all required information using our internal procedures and templates. This way we can ensure that no relevant data is missing in the documentation. We even offer our very own Standard Operating Procedure Templates (SOP) that you can use as standardised document across your company.

This service is suitable for a business that already understand the various processes but requires the skills and templates to document them correctly.

Process Improvement

With the uncertainty of the economy it can be very important that you review your existing processes to increase your efficiency to either reduce cost or waste that prevents your teams to deliver their required work.

We can either review your critical processes or do a full end-to-end review and propose improvements. We can even document your process using our very own SOP templates.

If you do not have your current process documented, we will offer you a full package that will define you existing processes, measure them and provide proposal to improve them.

This service is suitable for a business that is interested improving its existing processes to increase its efficiency, reducing waste or failure rate.

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