“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.”

- Arjun Basu

For the B2C, traditional shopping and in-store payments observe a gradual shift to online shopping and payments, especially during the Covid pandemic. For B2B businesses, websites and service availability are becoming more important than an attractive outlet.

Therefore, an effective digital marketing strategy and a professional website design will quickly establish an early good relationship between businesses and consumers. This helps not only businesses to sell but also customers to buy products more easily.

We believe that the SEO Service and the PPC ad campaign will help businesses increase sales thereby leading to sustainable and long-term development in the market.

Web Design/eCommerce Development and Social Media also plays an important role in creating brand awareness and attracting customer attention.

RSP International can help you with all digital marketing strategies to grow your business in the short and long term.

SEO Service

Among a large number of websites from competitors in the market, SEO Service will make your business website more visible to your target audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the visibility of websites to users of search engines and improves unpaid traffic from organic search engine results.

There are some initial steps required to build an effective SEO strategy:

  • Business Analysis for comprehending the business's qualities and features
  • Research of the competitors’ SEO strategies
  • Keyword Research to identify the most popular keywords
  • Analyse and plan for determining how to generate the website traffic

Design, technique and content are aspects that significantly impact the effectiveness of SEO services. Good SEO strategies will make your website more attractive to rank up and become a top result in search engine results.

This service is suitable for a business that wants to improve their online lead generation strategy beside traditional lead generation campaigns such as networking.

PPC Ad Campaign

A PPC ad campaign is a quick traffic boost for a business to increase sales in a short time or within a certain time period.

PPC (Paid-per-click) is also an online marketing strategy used to drive traffic to a website. In contrast with SEO, the advertiser will pay a publisher like Google or Facebook for the number of clicks or impressions.

To improve the website traffic and conversions, the PPC ad campaign requires a:

  • Deep understanding of the system
  • Detailed strategic planning
  • Thorough audience research
  • Customer insight analysis

In PPC, the advertisers typically bid on relevant keyword phrases in order that audiences will access the desired landing pages of your website. PPC ads can be displayed on Google’s top search results immediately. It focuses on a particular segment of audience that business aims to target.

This service is suitable for a business that wants to acquire new customers and brand awareness for short-term growth.

Web Design and eCommerce Development Service

When it comes to having a good first impression on customers, a professional Web or eCommerce Design is critical in today’s world.

A website is a critical element of a digital marketing strategy to provide information about a company and its products / services. A well-targeted website requires detailed planning and research about your business, target customers and marketing goals.

An effective Web and eCommerce service must include these following:

  • Visual and interactive design
  • Attractive content strategy
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive display
  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Clear calls to action
  • Cost-effective operation

Furthermore, a user-friendly and UX/UI optimized display is the most crucial factor that improves the performance of your website and increases sales and revenue for businesses.

This service is suitable for a business that is looking forward to creating a professional digital footprint.

Social Media

Users now tend to look up for product information and make a buying decision through social media platforms.

A professional social media marketing strategy will help business in:

  • Introducing the brand’s Unique Selling Points
  • Increasing conversion rates with less cost
  • Interacting with users
  • Promoting long-term brand awareness

To carry out a successful social media strategy, both written and visual content should be highly-customized for the targeted local audience. Many aspects are associated with culture, interest and demand to convert users into leads.

This service is suitable for a business that looks to interact with its potential buyers through user-friendly social media platforms with an impressive business online profile.

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