“97% of organisation believe that
a strong Project Manager is critical for the success of a project.”


With good Project Management, however, you will have the required focus on key activities such as planning, stakeholder management and the correct implementation approach.

But Project Management is not only about a Project Manager. It is also about the set up of your Programme Management Office (PMO) that will manage the overall deliveries for all projects. If the PMO is not set up correctly, it cannot support successful implementation, and can even lead to project failure.

Therefore, we can help you with both PMO setting and Project Management to ensure your projects will be successfully implemented.

Review of Project Set-up

The set up of a project team or PMO is a big dependency of projects being a success or not. This set up will define how projects are structured, communicated and led. With an incorrect or even lack of set up the chances of implementation projects successfully will be reduced.

If you already have either a PMO or general project team set up, we can review the current setting and provide recommendation to improve the existing setting.

If you do not have a standardised project team set up or no PMO, we can help you setting it up.

This service is suitable for a business that is either concerned about the current project / PMO set up and requires a review and improvement; or requires support to set up a project team / PMO.

New Project Set-up

The project initiation stage is critical for the success of a project. Without proper set up the chances of a failure increases dramatically.

If you have a critical project that will be managed internally we can support you with our expertise during this critical stage, including planning, stakeholder mapping and requirement gathering.

This service is suitable for a business that has a critical project a Project Manager with limited experiences of handling complex projects.

Project Manager Support

After a project has commenced, a Project Manager might need some help with some tasks to successfully implement a project.

We can provide support for your Project Manager at any stage of the project to ensure a successful implementation. This support could be:

  • Reviewing the current progress
  • Helping resolving risks and issues
  • Providing project documentation templates
  • Providing a Project Admin to support your PM

This service is suitable for a business that either experiences risks or issues during project implementation or has no experienced PA available to support the Project Manager.

Freelance Project Manager

If you have a critical project coming up but no dedicated Project Manager, we can provide you with a freelance Project Manager to handle the project for you.

The Project Manager will be available on an agreed daily / weekly / monthly basis.

If required, we can provide project documentations and even a Project Admin.

This service is suitable for a business that does not handle projects on a regular basis and therefore does not require a PMO.

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